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How To Win All Summoners Court Matches

Summoners Court matches are some of Hogwarts Legacy‘s many side quests to complete in the magical open-world action RPG game. Players compete with NPC students on a colorful course to drag spheres across various enchanted obstacles to achieve the highest score, ensuring the balls don’t fall off the edge in defeat.

Summoners Court also functions as a mini-game that teaches spells, as players first come across the game in a Charms class with Hogwarts Professor Abraham Ronen during their first day at Hogwarts. Professor Ronen uses the game to teach players Accio, one of Hogwarts Legacy‘s most handy spells that players frequently use in the games’ puzzles and quests.


How To Start Summoners Court Matches

Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court side quest match location

There are 5 Summoners Court side quest matches to play in total. Winning each match gives players the usual 180 XP, so it’s a great way help to level up fast when trying to reach the max level in Hogwarts Legacy, or level 34 towards the end of the game after beating Ranrok.

The first match becomes available as a side quest after players complete their first day at Hogwarts. All Summoners Court matches are available next to the Flying Class Lawn Floo Flame in the Bell Tower Wing (unlike the fastest broom trials, which take players across the world map). However, players must win each one for the next to appear in between completing other quests. Players may not receive an Owl letter when the next match shows up, so look for the Summoners Court side quest marker to locate the next competitor.

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Summoners Court Match Rules & Core Techniques

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 5 court rules

Players can click the right stick on an Xbox controller to view the match rules, which state that players must use Accio to summon the ball into the highest-scoring zones without it falling off the edge. The blue zone is the best to aim for to win as it awards the highest points. If a ball falls off the edge, players lose the points for that ball. The same applies to knocking NPCs’ balls out of the arena. Matches can tie, but players must score higher to win and progress to the next one. Points for each zone are as follows:

  • Red zone – 10 points
  • Orange zone – 20 points
  • Green zone – 30 points
  • Blue Zone – 50 points
  • Raised platforms – 100 points

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Although each Summoner’s Court match has different obstacles, they are all about timing the ball to hit the right place at the right time. To avoid overshooting, it’s usually best to release Accio around the time the ball hits the green zone, depending on obstacles nearby. Points can also be lost, so use caution when casting.

How To Win Summoners Court Match 1

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 1

Players take on the boastful Leander Prewitt in the first match. It’s similar to the one played in Charms class, but this time players must ideally avoid a set of cylinders that bounce the ball when hit. Leander is a skilled NPC who may take a few attempts to beat.

It’s best to aim Accio diagonally from either corner to try and move the balls in a straight line as much as possible into the blue zone. If corners get a bit crowded, players can try to knock one of Leander’s balls away or position them as close as possible. Scoring above 100 points in the blue zone is enough to beat Leander, especially if the NPC messes up some shots.

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How To Win Summoners Court Match 2

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 2

Match 2 is against Samantha Dale, and is one of the easiest Summoners Court matches. This time, swirling circles move the balls around when touched. They don’t move the ball too aggressively, but are best avoided. Players can decide which ball to aim for by toggling the wand’s aim to avoid the obstacles in a pretty straightforward victory against Samantha.

How To Win Summoners Court Match 3

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 3

In the third match, players take on Grace Pinch-Smedley, whom some players may recall from Hogwarts Legacy‘s Lost Astrolabe side quest. It’s one of the most challenging matches, as players must land the balls onto the raised platforms to score the highest points to win. Match 3 is about patience and timing, but the more players practice the timing, the fewer times the ball is likely to fall off the edge.

It’s also worth noting that the platforms are staggered, so players don’t need to cast Accio for long to reach and balance on each platform. However, sufficient power is necessary to ensure shots don’t fall short.

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How To Win Summoners Court Match 4

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 4

Players challenge Charlotte Morrison in match 4, which features a mixture of cylinders and circular swirls. It can be tricky to avoid the obstacles in this match as there are so many, but if players line up their shots carefully, they shouldn’t have much trouble winning.

How To Win Summoners Court Match 5

Hogarts Legacy Summoners Court Match 5

The final Summoners Court match is against Professor Ronen, and it’s not too tricky if players are strategic. Circles surround the blue zone, so there isn’t much space for top points. Use Accio to summon a ball into the bottom middle spot of the blue area. Players can also claim the bottom left platform relatively without much interference from the obstacles. There is a chance Ronen might try to claim the same spots and knock players’ balls out of the way, but players can also bash his spheres away in a crushing victory (although maybe not as crushing as a one player’s Hogwarts Legacy Summoners Court clutch move).

When players beat Ronen, they get 180 XP, the Summoners Court Champion Gloves, and the recognition as Summoners Court Champion as the first student to conquer Professor Ronen’s own game.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. PS4 and Xbox One versions are due for release on April 4 and July 25 for Nintendo Switch.