July 12, 2024

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Jenna Ellis’ indictment shows just how weak attorney regulation is

Jenna Ellis’ indictment shows just how weak attorney regulation is

Eventually, Jenna Ellis indicted too

Ultimately, after the Colorado Supreme Court Business office of Lawyer Regulation Counsel failed to do its obligation and disbar Jenna Ellis for her blatant participation in the scheme to overturn the 2020 presidential election, she is currently being needed to account for her steps in the Georgia indictment, which accuses her of racketeering and inquiring a public official to violate their oath.

I will never forget about her smug response to the slap on the wrist from the Colorado Legal professional Willpower place of work, quickly crowing about how she saved her legislation license. It’s possible now she will figure out that she isn’t higher than the law. And probably the Colorado Supreme Court docket Office environment of Lawyer Regulation has figured out its lesson as nicely. They appeared like patsies!

Carla LaRosa, Aurora

Specific counsel decide on questionable

Re: “Hunter Biden probe: Special counsel assigned,” Aug. 12 news story

Okay, class, let’s evaluate the product in advance of we choose the test: President Joe Biden’s son is made available what we all know was a “sweetheart deal” fashioned by David Weiss, for the crimes of income tax evasion and lying on an application to purchase a handgun. The offer bundled no jail time and all potential immunity. The deal was tossed out and so now Biden’s Legal professional Common, Merrick Garland, was searching for somebody, ideally unbiased, to head up a specific counsel to look into the matter. And who does he decide? None other than the male who put jointly the unique sweetheart offer, David Weiss.

So, class, the dilemma on the test will be, “Is this the government that you voted for?

Denny Cannon, Littleton

City council turnover is fantastic

Re: “Councilmembers aren’t all sold on changing time period boundaries,” Aug. 15 news story

With regards to assist for two 4-yr conditions for metropolis council members and the mayor, I’m contemplating we should not question the ones who self-benefit from a 3rd expression. As excellent as all metropolis council customers are, there are other wonderful residents prepared to provide. Give someone else a probability.

Jeff Dorrell, Denver

A excellent way to volunteer

Thanks to The Denver Post for which include some beneficial news amid various and overlapping crises that can overwhelm us all.

In the aftermath of COVID-19 when so a lot of elders confronted isolation and health concerns, A Minor Help, a Colorado-based mostly nonprofit group, is substantially wanted. I am a CU college member who has taught generations of college students about the thought of ubuntu — a South African phrase employed by Desmond Tutu, which indicates “I am because you are” and encourages us to support each and every other and serve all those in need.

Thank you to A Minor Aid for bringing the spirit of ubuntu to the U.S. at a historic instant when it is considerably essential. Your mission to help older grown ups with easy home tasks is a great contribution to the Denver and increased Colorado communities. If you are interested in pitching in as a volunteer, make sure you go to their website at alittlehelp.org to study much more.

Laura M. DeLuca, Boulder

Caring and reducing hurt

The most essential lesson I ever discovered was that, among the all the animals on earth, we humans are the most risky. No other species has contributed to world wide warming any place just about as substantially as we have. Yet another huge challenge is the growing menace of nuclear war. The atomic bombing of Japan experienced enormously terrible outcomes, and hydrogen bombing would be substantially even worse. Of class, there are also a lot of other examples of each environmental destruction and violence amid people that will have to be minimized. Allow us, you should, concentrate on decreasing hurt and on caring.

John Russell, Boulder