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Sale of Land for Tax Arrears

Municipal Act, 2001 – Sale of Land by General public Tender for the Corporation of the City of LaSalle

Sale of Land for Tax Arrears by General public Tender

Get recognize that tenders are invited for the buy of the land(s) described under and will be obtained right until 3:00 p.m. nearby time on November 29, 2022 at The City of LaSalle, 5950 Malden Road, LaSalle, Ontario. The tenders will then be opened in general public on the identical working day at 3:05 p.m. at The City of LaSalle, 5950 Malden Highway, LaSalle, Ontario.  

Matchette Rd W/S (Vacant Land)

System 777, Ton 223

Bare minimum Tender Volume: $2,559.15

 Dow Blvd S/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 676 Ton 44

Least Tender Amount:  $2,524.61

 Pitkin Ave S/S (Vacant Land)

Program 780 Tons 173 to 182

Minimum amount Tender Total:  $2,747.21

 Pitkin Ave S/S (Vacant Land)

System 780, Lots 157 to 163

Minimal Tender Total:  $2,694.84

Kinsman Pl N/S (Vacant Land)

Prepare 1064 Tons 527 to 534

Minimum amount Tender Sum:  $2,013.53

 Kinsman Pl N/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 743 Lots 52 to 57

Least Tender Amount of money:  $2,997.54

Gilroy St N/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 930 Plenty 349 to 360

Minimum Tender Amount:  $3,847.37

Lucerne St S/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 930 Heaps 372 to 375

Least Tender Total:  $2,995.07

Millwood Ave S/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 734 Loads 152 to 154

Minimum Tender Amount of money:  $2,723.89

Westview Ave N/S (Vacant Land)

Plan 963 Lot 604

Minimum amount Tender Total:  $3,008.23

Washington Blvd S/S (Vacant Land)

Approach 963 Heaps 61 & 62

Minimum Tender Amount of money:  $2,971.92

Washington Blvd N/S (Vacant Land)

Approach 963 Large amount 176

Minimal Tender Amount of money:  $2,754.51

Tenders will have to be submitted in the recommended form (Variety 7) and ought to be accompanied by a deposit in the variety of a money buy or of a bank draft or cheque licensed by a bank or have confidence in company payable to the municipality and symbolizing at minimum 20 for every cent of the tender total.

Take note:  If you are not able to open up the Type 7 appropriate click on on the url and click on help you save connection as on to your desktop.  The Type 7 is a fillable kind.

Apart from as follows, the municipality would make no representation relating to the title to or any other issues relating to the land to be sold. Responsibility for ascertaining these issues rests with the potential purchasers.

This sale is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001 and the Municipal Tax Profits Procedures created beneath that Act. The profitable purchaser will be required to pay the amount tendered furthermore accrued taxes and the pertinent land transfer tax.

The municipality has no obligation to present vacant possession to the effective purchaser.

For further info regarding this sale and a copy of the approved kind of tender contact:

Marilyn Abbruzzese, B.A., BComm, Supervisor of Revenue/Tax Collector

The Company of the Town of LaSalle

519-969-7770 ext 1228

5950 Malden Rd

LaSalle ON N9H 1S4