May 23, 2024

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Weed is authorized in New Jersey. Can my Pennsylvania employer exam me for it?

Weed is now authorized in New Jersey, so what does this indicate for Pennsylvania citizens who may want to partake?

We have got you coated on what to do if you’re pulled about, if you want to buy weed in New Jersey and bring it back again over condition traces, and if you want to know about cigarette smoking weed at the Shore.

But what if you smoke legal cannabis when in New Jersey — can you get in hassle back again at work in Pennsylvania? Possibly.

Essential takeaways

  • Drug tests at do the job is typically taken care of by nearby and condition regulation.
  • In Pennsylvania, your employer can test you for cannabis.
  • In Philadelphia, your employer cannot check you for cannabis when you are implementing for a job, but they can check you after they’ve employed you. And there are some exceptions.
  • You can not be fired for making use of health-related cannabis, nevertheless there are some exceptions.

Yes. In Pennsylvania, businesses are permitted to drug exam before and all through your employment with them.

There are not numerous federal regulations concerning work drug exams, according to electronic authorized source NOLO work drug screening legal guidelines are mainly at the point out and nearby stage. In Pennsylvania, there are not a lot of legal guidelines requiring or prohibiting work drug assessments both. This implies that it is up to employers to make their personal insurance policies. (Corporations usually include their drug tests policies in your worker handbook or work agreement.)

And, if you test optimistic — even if you have employed cannabis lawfully in New Jersey — you can be fired (except if you have a professional medical cannabis card).

Indeed. Employers that run in Philadelphia can continue to drug exam you for your work. However, there are laws in Philly that prohibit particular employers from drug screening when an individual is making use of for a task. Here’s how they work:

A lot of employers in Philadelphia are not authorized to check for marijuana in preemployment drug checks. This suggests that when you are applying for a position, an employer can’t drug take a look at you for cannabis.

When you get the task, although, your employer can drug take a look at you for cannabis relying on organization plan.

In accordance to the Metropolis Council ordinance, there are exemptions to the Philly legislation. You can be drug examined if you’re applying for a task:

  • that requires a industrial driving license.

  • that calls for supervising children, healthcare patients, or individuals with a disability or precise vulnerability.

  • that could impression the health and fitness and protection of other individuals.

  • that demands drug tests under federal or condition law

  • that now has a collective-bargaining arrangement about preemployment drug tests.

Here’s a whole breakdown on Philly’s ban on preemployment drug screening for cannabis.

No, as prolonged as you’re not receiving high at do the job. It is from the regulation to hearth someone who has a professional medical cannabis prescription and consumes cannabis throughout off-get the job done hrs. This incorporates preemployment drug tests and random drug screening. On the other hand, if your employer can demonstrate that you are intoxicated or consuming cannabis at do the job, you can lawfully be fired.

Here’s a whole breakdown of your rights to employment when applying healthcare cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Technically, no. In accordance to New Jersey’s legislation, there are unable to be any “adverse work consequence” — like staying fired or denied a task — for the reason that an worker tested good for cannabis. You also just cannot be fired, denied a job, or rejected for a skilled license in New Jersey if you have a marijuana-relevant file.

Here’s a complete breakdown of your legal rights to employment when employing healthcare marijuana in New Jersey.